mandag 8. oktober 2012

Princess diary Cafe

Me and my classmate Grace from Singapore decided to do something fun together during Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving day). Its a holiday where most koreans celebrate together with their families, and they go back to their hometowns. So did my boyfriend. Therefor I had no plans for almost a week, which was the time we got off school to celebrate. As one of my friends said "being a foreigner on Chuseok is like being single on valentines day". And Its so true! You know all koreans eat awesome foods with their family, while you have no family in Korea. Just like being alone in valentines right?

Therefor me and my friend wanted to check out a cool cafe together. Princess Diary Cafe near Ehwa Womens University. Princess Diary Cafe is a cafe where you can dress up in wedding clothes (oh yes, every females dream cafe!). They got clothes both for females and males, so if you actually can force your boyfriend to go there with you, good job!

The cafe is alittle pricy (of course). First you need to buy something to drink, can choose between tea, coffee, milkshake and so on. And then you get told to sit down and relax and drink your refreshment while waiting for your turn to try on a dress. The location is not superbig, so all cant try on at same time. They have many different wedding dresses to choose from (both long and short wedding dresses), korean traditional dresses also. You rent the dress you pick for an hour, and you get charged if you use it more than one hour, but they will tell you when its time to take it of,so dont worry. Renting a dress cost from 10,000 won to 35,000 won depending on the style you want. I choose the biggest dress I could find, so mine was ofcourse a little expensive.

When you have choosen your dress and when its your turn, the staff will help you to put it on. I was so happy that I could keep my jeans on while putting it on, dont wanna put it on just in my underwear infront of my female friend and female staff. Im shy, ok?
And if you dont have matching bra, dont worry, they even put a bra on you which is stropless. It amazed me how the staff knew my bra size just looking at my breasts??. Also they have high heels they make you wear, and they didnt even ask for my shoe size, and this time it was right size also! Weird right?

So after putting on the dress, you get one hour as I allready said, to take as many pictures as you can! And if you have forgot your camera, they actually have camera for rent there also.
You can put on many hair accesories also, like pirat hat, normal hats, big hair bows, tiara, you name it! They also got gloves, and plastic flowers too.

Let me show you my pictures I took at the cafe:

Some of the wedding dresses you can choose from in the dressing room

I chose milkshake while my friend chose rose tea

Pictures of people in their dresses inside the little house where we got our drinks

Me sitting infront of makeup mirror which you can use to put on tiara infront of.

A pic of my whole wedding dress I had on. And of course bunny ears, I love bunny ears!!!

Another pictures that is takes infront of the makeup mirror. I love the wall by the way

They also had a piano to take pictures with, cute right? Wish I could play piano! Todays random funfact.

Isnt the dress hugh?! It was so heavy I swear, But in my real wedding someday, it will be bigger! Ooh the pain.

The door in the background is actually the toilet, which you will get asked to use before putting on the dress.

I didnt actually mean to close my eyes, but I did. It looks like I really enjoy it, right?

I dont really look good in this picture, but the background is cute, so have to show it anyway.

So what do you think, would you go to a wedding cafe?
Actually what surprised me alot is that many brought their boyfriend there. I thought it would only be females there, but I was wrong.

Anyway, If you want to check it out and dress up in pretty clothes and take alot of pictures. Take subway line 2 (green line) to Ehwa womens university stop, Take exit two and walk down the mainstreet and turn right when you see starbucks. Then you will se a big sign that say Dress cafe, wollaaa you found it!!!

Now its time to get back to homework, teacher has given us homework to read a 100 pages book by tomorrow, and watch a 1 hour debate on youtube about free will...Oooh life is great as a student right?

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  1. Lol ass, dette er så typisk deg Hahaha

    Elsker denne posten, du er best!

  2. Åhr så sykt om jeg å vil det!! Ser dødsgøy ut:'D Savner deg!♡♡♡♡♡

  3. How come you don't update your blog anymore?

  4. hey, thanks for your comment!!!
    actually, i havnt had so much time to speding om using internet because of busy school life.. like now, just came home 05.00 in the morning after studying all night on a coffeeshop. these are normal days for me right now :( but, i will soon start a 3 months vacation! then i will have plenty of time! yey !!! :D

  5. Glad to see that you're having fun! :)
    I applied to Hanyang, Korea and (probably) will apply to Kyung Hee too for the Spring semester. My girlfriend applied to Yonsei, and we're both excited! Take care and we look forward to more updates.

  6. sounds great!!! if you are accepted to hanyang i would glady show you around :)